Steps to Buying


• Pre-approval by your bank or mortgage broker

• Write “WISH LIST”. Be specific about “needs” & “wants”. We will enter your wish list criteria into our computer system at the Real Estate Board

• We will book you appointments to view the listings of your choice

• When you find a home you wish to make an offer on, we will research recent sales in the building or neighbourhood for you.

• Write an offer…
• We negotiate Price and Completion/Possession dates.
• Once the offer is “accepted”, it means you have approx. 7 days to do your due diligence with your “subject to” clauses.
• At the end of our “subject removal” time, we meet to “remove subjects”. However, if anything came up while doing our due diligence that is unacceptable to you, we can walk away from the offer, but if all okay…

• Remove Subjects…
• You will sign an addendum stating you are “removing subjects”. This means you are satisfied with your findings during your research and will proceed with the purchase.
• A “deposit” of 5% is then required to “hold” the property until Completion
• The deposit is made out to “OAKWYN REALTY – IN TRUST”

• Choose your lawyer.

• Book Movers. Arrange transfer of phone, internet, hydro, mail, etc.

• At 12 NOON on Possession Day we will bring you your keys! CONGRATULATIONS!